What Property Am I Looking For?

Whilst I will look at any property deal, my areas of interest are:


  • RELOCATION HOUSE SALES:  Property being sold either by relocation management firms, and/or employers, and/or estate agents that is hanging around and where the employer or RMC is open to a deal.
  • GROUP MOVE RELATED PROPERTY: Similar to the above but where a number of people are all moving over a specified period of time from area A to area B at an employers request. I have managed many major group moves for the likes of Bass, Boots, British Gas, National Air Traffic Services, GSK related firms and many more, and have a specific approach and delivery model for this type of project.
  • JOB MOVER: Property being sold where a private party is moving to a new area to take up a new job, with limited or no employer help and now needs to sell quickly to reduce costs and get their family back together.
  • EMPLOYERS WITH RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY PORTFOLIOS: I am interested in doing deals where an employer wants to dispose of property/improve their balance sheet rating and/or where they may need ongoing occupation management on behalf of employees (temporary or permanent) once a deal is complete.


  • DEVELOPMENT: Property with development potential (with/without planning) – I work with a regional developer who has both money, in house architects, sales function etc to provide a perfect turn key solution on suitable projects. Introduce the deal and I take care of all the rest with them – you sit back and get your money!

GENERAL PROPERTY DEALS: If you know of anyone who needs to sell any of the following, let me know:

  • Rented Property, Property with Sitting Tenants, HMO’s
  • Failing Bed and Breakfasts/Small Hotels
  • Failing Driving Ranges or where there are cash flow problems
  • Office/Commercial/Storage sites
  • Caravan Sales Sites
  • Car Lots
  • Show Homes
  • Distressed sales and those facing repossession
  • Inherited Property
  • Old Pubs
  • Village Halls
  • BT Exchange sites
  • Un-mortgageable Property
  • Storage Yards
  • Lock Ups/Garage Blocks
  • Ugly property
  • Shopping parades with residential accommodation over.
  • Managed Apartment Blocks.

If you have any of the above, or any type of property or land you want to discuss, just call me, Sean Eastman on 07957 896026 or email me at seaneastman@seaneastman.co.uk

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